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Monday, November 30, 2009

UPM, here i come

Huh, dh masuk umah sewa mlm umah tu..hehe.rini dtg UPM, lepak kt lab family gong back to hometown this morning too..smoga selamat perjalanan korang.aminn

Monday, November 23, 2009

dari kelantan ke upm dan berkampung di shah alam

This post is specially dedicated to all my friends yang berkenaan.

Date: 16-24/11/2009

Location, UPM serdang and Shah Alam

Firstly to tala (salasiah mohamad) who will work as RA/further study with me in UPM this december..again, we'll be housemate..hahaha. Memang panjang jodoh kita kan, finally ke UPM pun still together. I'll always remember the scary moment we're the only people on that floor of kolej ke11 UPM..solat kat surau and when we slept bercadarkan sejadah.ha3..papepn friendship forever k.susah senang kita bersama.

For nadh (nadhirah and warga UPM yg berkenaan, thank you so much for your time and kindness. nadh mmg banyak tolong kitorang, dari transport ke cari rumah sewa. Its nice meeting your friends too, esp Meg. Hope we can be good friends there.

For my UTM friends; maya, razi, fais and zali, thank you sudi keluar makan ngan kitorang..lps ni bleh makan kt padang tu lagi kalo ada rezeki.huhu.

Never forget to my beloved maahadian friends sue (suzulaikha), faseh (fasihah), basirah, syidah and nonie. Thank you so much 4 everything. Expecting to hang out with you guys again. Thank you for introducing shah alam to me. Ambik gambar dalam UiTm time hujan tu mmg best.makanan yang korang serve pn great.ha3..believe me, i'm really happy with all that. for those yg xsempat jumpa this time, insyaAllah kita jumpa lain kali k..teringin sangat jumpa ngn dak2 skolah maahad yg len.

Last but not least, thank you for my family for your support and love..
Love you so much!!

Tomorrow will be my last day here because im going home. Hope jalan OK sebab skrg kan sad to leave sue's online anymore...bye everyone.pray for my success k!

with love,