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Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kudeq in key el


~Kudeq and Kunor (+ Piqah, Mira, Nani and Zaza)
~MAHA Maeps, Serdang, 4/12/2010
~Taman Seroja, Sepang, 5/12/2010

Background of Story: 
Kudeq is sister after me..not the youngest one because she has 2 sis n 2 bros after her..used to called her deq since baby..then continued to use the name until now even she herself is kakak she's study in UPSI taking Pendidikan Sains teacher wanna be lah ni..

Content of Story:
Last week was her last final exam paper for Sem week time and MAHA was happened is a good time. She and friends got an idea come here..While Mira and Nani went to their brother's house, so who else for her?of course la me..need to cancel my plan to go to Johor for friend's first right?huhu..friends second..hehe..sorry friends..

Reached Serdang at Friday noon..treat her for lunch and send  home while i went back to work..Going to MAHA the next day with my housemate Piqah and took her two friends at KTM Serdang..Its about 9.30am..the challenge to go there during weekend was the terrible traffic jam..huh..need lot of patient..from KTM Serdang to Maeps which also in Serdang took about more than an hour..finding parking also difficult.finally we're able to park our car under cinnamon least i know how cinnamon tree was like..

Then, start our journey around MAHA Festival..Got Hall A B C D..and other outdoors places..they provide free trams and buses to bring you around to exhibition places..To make the story short, we ended our visiting tour around 8.30 pm..then send my sis's friends to KTM again which about 9.30 we reached the total hours we spend today around are 12 right?wallaweh..

ANother weekend trip was going to Sepang visit my uncle. Thanks mak long and family for hospitality..happy watching ultraman all.. =)

Now need to go to lab to check my experiment..daaa..assalamualaikum..

Lots of Loves,