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Friday, March 2, 2012

.............March 2012............................................

January was gone, February not too long now its March already..then come April, May, June, July..August..its fasting month and hari raya..then September, October, and November will come..lastly December..after that will come the so called new year again..the months running really fast right?

How should I say this..mmmmm, i am afraid..will I able to complete my master this year?i mean complete completely?finish my labwork and thesis, pass the viva (thesis defense), submit my thesis and settle everything in UPM..I want to officially to celebrate the convocation with my family..then I am master degree holder..

Because of that I'm so so afraid..

Dear March, I'll try my best to use u at my best, sincerely..i'll working hard..if possible please stay longer..I'm not ready to meet April..because I'm more afraid of May..and the next..

Miss my bobo..=)



Anonymous said...

what happened wif your bobo?
me already missed it,

mazies nur said...

bobo i tasnim datang ari tu wat balik rumah time balik mache dh buleh jmp bobo..lgpn xmuat nk wat masuk rmh br i brg bnyk sgt..hehe

Anonymous said...

hehe...jollo?adik mu lebih berminat dgn bobo dis dari dirimu...awawawa....dio nk jaddi oram klate la tuh,,,xse jadi oram kolupow.hahahaha