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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

how many months left?can u still smile??

I'm so tired..not to count my physical stress, but mentally I feel weak think the semester gonna ends soon..means, my GRF scholarship will end many labworks to finish..I need to submit thesis by September, which if I can finish my lab..If not, I need to register for next semester..Find a job as soon GRF ends because I need to pay my car loan, house rental and everything..then this  week i need to go back to Kelantan because I have an appointment with my doctor..Sunday is public holiday, means, i need to stay until Monday..Sincerely if possible i don't want to go because 3 days means a lot for me..many things I can my family will come on Wednesday which the tickets I bought for them since last year..where to stay, where to go, how, when and what are everything I need to consider..on Friday will be the FYP student's draft 1 student under me that I need to settle..then a week after I need to go back again for doctor consultation..then then then..I am tired..Ya Allah, give me strength..Aminn...

So, it's about money and my masters study right? many months left???don't tell me because i already I complaining?am I sighing?whatever you think but I never regret everything that i choose..unless i'm forced to do secret is just one, smile always..guess what,  I'm actually smiling now..i just need my write-up to make me smile even brighter the other day when everything done..and to know complaining is never solve your problems..haha..ya ya i know..

~Never regret to every smile and laugh you did when it can make others happy..No others of happiness than to see people you love are happy~ 

i googled to find smile images before i decided to make my own and find this blog..nice one..follow whats good..of course Allah is the only one =)..

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Anonymous said...

wishing you all da best,
in our life,
be cherish in what we decided to do.
dont cry-cry yeah