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Monday, December 5, 2011

Not like a snow

Snow time has arrived
Looking outdoor, every surface covered with white
How amazing
Can you imagine the soft white flakes,
cold frozen water fallen from the sky and landed on your hand?
My bare hand eagerly want to touch it,
palmed, lick a bit..
Yes surely I can if I was there
like you did..

But hey there,
Maybe there is no snow here
But my hand still the same
It still can make you feel warm
Can we just play here?
Let's pretend we can read the lines on our palm
That our path to the future is all great..
So you don't have to worry to be here..
You have my shoulder when you sad..
and I have tons of comforting words for you..

My friend,
Just leave the snowy place
I wish I have wings to fly but I don't
Believe me you can find your consolation in my company
And my promise is not seasonal
like a snow you know..

p/s: let's be happy everybody =)



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