First of all, warning you, this boring blog is from an ordinary not talented, not gifted, not skilled, lazy, but wanted to write writer. Well its me!Sorry for the grammar, vocab, and for everything. Sometimes in English, sometimes Melayu, sometimes Klate and mostly mixed. I write when I feel I want to and sometimes I become Shakespeare, the other times Einstein, Scoffield, Rosberg, Beckham, Specter, et al. I tell story about myself, my interest, my trips, my favorite foods, my favorite shows, my family, my friends, my work, .... Last but not least, loves no hates..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


.N.O.T.A.K.U.: SEDAR KAH?: "ASWT (Versi aku apabila berkata-kata..hehe...) Tiap-tiap hari kito solat 5 waktu sehari semalam...kalo jadi budak baek siket..maka kita ak..."

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