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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Indulgent You

i asked for your permission
to do something i like

i asked for your money
to get what i want

i asked for your help
to be now what i am

and i never expect you say no
because i hate it
so you never do

it continues...

as i am growing up
you are getting older
at the days
celebrating my supposed quarter life
you still do so

needing you is non stop
without you i'm nobody
please keep holding my hand
because i am afraid like a child
that losses her father's hand while crossing road

dear my indulgent dad,
i will never stop loving you
though i have one thing i am unsure myself
that if one day i can repay all your kindness
but i will pray may Allah bless you always
and we as happy family
because we having you are the best


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