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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friends are treasure.


This weekend, i have so many invitations from my friends to meet, to hang out somewhere. First my matriculation friends Raja is here. Together with Sue, Basirah n Fafa they planned to go Putrajaya on Sunday. I can reject them, telling them the real condition of me. I'm really not feeling so well. Then as promised with my secondary school friend, Haizan, i told her maybe we can going out this weekend. But sorry friend, i'm not in the mood, sicky. So i didn't made any call to ask her out. Insted, she texted me but indirectly asked me i guess. After that got Tala and Lola (I met them in UTM) asked to meet at Damansara on Sunday. Really miss Lola a lot, long time no see kan sis.huhu..But frankly, you're late friends. Even if I'm feeling better or at least i feel so bored later, I need to fulfill my either two previous invitation first. First come first serve..haha

The last and unexpected one, i got a call from my old friend from primary school this evening. He came from Pahang, telling me he got rugby at UPM. Wanna treat me for drink, by thought I'm somewhere near UPM. But I'm at home about 7km from there, so we decided to meet at night. We not seeing each other for almost 12 years.  At the moment I think I really need company because i don't know if i can talk with him like when we're young, i'm not sure if i can recognize him anymore and most importantly its such a worry if I'll looked awkward because I'm not used to be with just a boy and me . Even if he with friends, nothing better. At least I need someone to back up me, spark the conversation. I just don't know, many things in my head. So I texted Raja and tried to call her. No respond. Lastly, i told myself, nevermind, this is the time. If not, u don't know when to see ur old friend anymore. At least respect them they still remembering you.. Baiklah, i will do it even alone. So we met at Equin, long chat, no awkward, instead we laugh a lot etc. Many stories come out, about this person and this this and this..still remember this this and this.. i'll try to remember, imagine all. So down to memorylane. Glad to heard many of my friends are working now, becoming successful person. Proud of you guys. just made me really miss my childhood times, my primary school, friends and teachers, my old Kg Pahi and all..sob3. Btw,thanx for the treat..hehe. 

So as a conclusion, sorry friends if i cannot see you all. As normal human being i cannot afford to do everything although i really want it, and i cannot remain healthy as i wish so i can do whatever i like. Everything we've planned not necessary becomes reality, but at least we have intention to do it, we have efforts to accomplish it. And sometimes chances just comes and goes, then come back or never come back. So try to grab it as long as we can. The priority is your choice. Last but not least, thanx for being understanding friends to me.

ps; if i can meet all at the same time, got primary school, secondary school, matriculation and university friend amazing kan?? *SK Pahi, Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan, Kedah Matriculation College, UTM Skudai..but unfortunately i just made one..huhu #akucubatuliskokinggerislagi

Love and hugs,